Board Game Collapsible D Limited Edition Product Sir Chester Cobblepot

Collapsible D: the Final Minutes of the Titanic

April 14th 1912 at 11.40 pm in the black and icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the ocean liner RSM Titanic during its maiden voyage, collides with an iceberg. The frozen obstacle opens a series of holes along the right side of the hull that in two hours and forty minutes causes an inevitable sinking.


A 100 years later, Sir Chester Cobblepot offers an elegant board game that celebrates the unforgettable event through the heroism and the determination of the passengers of the last fateful lifeboat lowered into the sea: the collapsible D.


Collapsible D™: the Final Minutes of the Titanic is a riveting game of survival by Gianluca Santopietro set during the last dramatic minutes on board the Titanic. The goal is to save your Passengers, each worthing victory points, on the lifeboats. The faster you will save them, the more points you will get. While you lead your passengers to safety, the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean quickly flood the gigantic hull.


Collapsible D: the Final Minutes of the Titanic – Centenary Edition 1912-2012 (Limited Edition)

  • Year: 2012
  • Author: Gianluca Santopietro
  • Suggested Age: 10+
  • Players: (2 player variant) 3 to 6
  • Playing time: 60′
  • Family: Historical, Movement
  • Mechanics: area movement, roll-and-move
  • Components: numbered box (x/1.000), sized 295x295x70 mm and wrapped by a cover; rulebook, sized 280×280 mm, 16 pages in full colors; game board, sized 1.120×80 mm; 33 cards 56×87 mm; 45 cards 44×68 mm; 1 cardboard punched board containing: 8 tiles, 63 tokens; 21 pawns and 4 dice, in shaped woods.
  • Illustrator: Alan D’Amico
  • Development:
  • Production code: SCC001CD
  • Producer: Giacomo Santopietro for Sir Chester Cobblepot


Introduction. A predefined set of turns describes the events that occur between April 14th 1912 at 11.40 pm, time of the collision, and April 15th at 02.20 am, when the hull of the Titanic sank in the ocean.

The players, from 3 to 6, lead a group of passengers, one per class, from first to third. Through a thorough and documented historical research conducted by the author and supported by experts, such as Claudio Bossi, supported by a development team, every character in this game is placed in a precise position on the big game board that reconstructs the belly of the ship. Through an easy movement system, players must move their characters to safety through the many decks of the ship, trying to reach the few lifeboats remaining.

As the icy waters quickly flood the gigantic hull, intuition and a little luck is mandatory to get the best final score, which at the end of the match will decide the overall winner. Easy, exciting, funny and charming are the alternating sensations during a game of Collapsible D: the Final Minutes of the Titanic.

It’s a game you can play with friends and family: the drama of the theme is respectfully treated with a historical accuracy. It’s a celebration of life and heroism that some men were able to show in a catastrophic moment. The rules are easy and intuitive.

Collapsible D: the Final Minutes of the Titanic is a must have for Titanic history collectors and interesting for anyone looking for a great board game experience.