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Assedio al Castello: Gradara 1446

Anno Domini 1446, October. The armies of Francesco Sforza and Federico da Montefeltro besiege the castle of Gradara. Only a few dozen soldiers loyal to their Lord, Sigismondo Malatesta, resist heroically to the fury of the besiegers.


The cannons shot day and night against the high walls of Gradara, while hunger and tiredness afflict the inhabitants. An in-depth historical research gave life to this graphic novel that recreates the events of the terrible siege of Gradara. Forty-three long days of battle during which three of the most important captains of their time face each other with all their ferocity and cunning; Francesco Sforza, allied with a young Federico da Montefeltro, who will become Duke of Urbino, against the young Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini.


The territories between Marche and Romagna are contested by two Lords and Captains of Fortune: Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini, and Federico da Montelfeltro, Count of Urbino. Sigismondo was in Rome, receiving honors from the Pope for repelling Francesco Sforza from the Marche. Taking advantage of his absence, Sforza decides to strike back with the troops of Federico da Montefeltro to start besieging Gradara. The defenders have to resist as much as possible, awaiting the return of Sigismondo.

The initial idea of this graphic novel was to tell the story of the Gradara besiege, but through a figure in which anyone could empathize with, not from the point of view of the historical figures. Ludovico is the veteran captain of Gradara, a fictional character but plausible. Determined and loyal, he’s loved by the people and respected by the lords. He’s a fighter, a man of action. With him you will see all the real events taken from the documentation of that time and you will meet the most famous historical people. Ludovico spent many years fighting but he doesn’t consider himself a hero: he’s no longer a kid and he’s an experienced soldier. His presence inspires confidence, although he consider himself more responsible than brave. He entrusts his life to his trusty “storta” (a characteristic sword of that time), rather than to the armor, but he doesn’t mind to use any kind of weapon. Equipped and armed, you are now ready to live again the endless days of the siege of Gradara, through the eyes and emotions of Ludovico . Enjoy this time travel!


History, art, love, tragedy, war: the story of Gradara was crossed by all the deepest passions and human experiences. To relive the emotions of those days, in the town they periodically reenact the siege of the Castle, with hundreds of people in costume, horses, special effects and recreated artillery that bring life an extraordinary event that you can assist as privileged spectators: battles, fights, duels, but also animations and entertainments for an engaging and incredible journey to the past. After the battle, when Sforzeschi and Montefeltrini are defeated, the whole village celebrates the victorious defense of Gradara. Extraordinary fireworks lights up the massive walls with bright colors, leaving both adults and children with eyes full of wonder.