About us

English style, German accuracy and Italian creativity

The Cobblepot Games are quality productions enhancing the inventiveness of young authors and committed professionals. When the projects end their development, they are offered to the most prestigious international publishers of the game industry to reach the players around the world. The red line signed by Sir Chester Cobblepot research the great emotions of history and literature and proposes games suitable for everyone. The blue line by Young Cobblepot offers party and family games, original and never insignificant. The green line by Professor Cobblepot offers educational tools for dedicated problems that can be solved through specific games.

Just rules, no strategies

Sir Chester Cobblepot rule books are real instruction manuals, where the rules are formulated in a dogmatic way.  Players who are not used to reading highly technical rule books may find them hard to understand at first, but they aren’t: just change mental approach.  The rules, according to Sir Cobblepot, should not be “narrated”, but should be explained like mathematical formulas.  Rules must be written with the same precision as legislators use for laws. There should be a single interpretation.  The rules must let the game work: after comprehending them perfectly, the player can use them to plan their strategies and apply the best tactics to each situation.  The rules should not be manipulated to convenience, to easily prevail on opponents who haven’t read the manual.  Cobblepot rule books simply explain the players how to play the game without deliberately suggesting strategies or recommending actions. The path to victory should be discovered: it is part of the players’ entertainment, a right acquired by purchasing the game, that Cobblepot doesn’t want to spoil. Rules are created to enhance the skills and imagination of the players, not to guide them in playing on pre-determined track studied by the authors.  We like to think that in our games there isn’t a single winning strategy nor one much more stronger than the others, otherwise, once discovered, game will be ruined and we would have failed in our mission.  We believe that every player should learn what HE CAN DO within the rules, not what is BETTER to do: that must be learnt while playing.  Learn how to make the best use of the resources at disposal is part of the experience, and it should not be defaced with strategic suggestions.  Learn, explore, take decisions and manage consequences.  Play, and most of all, have fun.

Can and May

Each rule book of a Cobblepot game uses specific glossaries thoughtfully designed for that single project.  Some terms are used in many games, so it’s easier to approach a new game if you are familiar with them.  When a player CAN take a specific action, that means that he can evaluate it, then choose if he wants to take advantage of that opportunity or not.  Otherwise when an action MUST be performed, it means that the player has no choice and he has to do that exact action, peremptorily.

House rules

By owning a Cobblepot Game, you also own its rules, that you can manage as you like. It’s your right to introduce house rules, based on your taste and experience. However, don’t forget these can’t be considered as official rules, since they are the rules divulged only by Cobblepot itself. If you think your ideas are improvement that can be enjoyed by everyone, we encourage you to share them with us by writing to info@sirchestercobblepot.com, in order to inspire authors for future developments, expansions and additional rules.